Concrete Slab Repair


Soil causes concrete slab to rise and fall, which is problematic. When the soil fluctuates in this manner, this puts a lot of pressure on the slab. It will eventually fail. Our experienced foundation repair contractors at Arlington Foundation Repair are capable of effectively assisting in your slab and pier beam repair needs. We can’t really stress how important it is to have the necessary repairs made as soon as you can, so as to avoid the types of structural problems that are common with these types of problems. We are considered the preferred and most thorough foundation repair service in Arlington, TX. A thorough inspection is made prior to our contractors starting any work on your concrete slabs. With an inspection, they are capable of effecting identifying exactly where the problem is located.

Signs Your Concrete Slab Should Be Repaired

We often find slab failure in one-story houses and houses where there are lots of trees nearby. Also, those homes that are located in warm climate areas also tend to experience problems with foundation issues. While these are some of the areas where we find the most foundation issues, they are not limited to these areas. By taking a closer look at your floors, you may notice cracks in your flooring and uneven floors. This typically means that the slabs, which help to support your homes foundation is beginning to settle. Another way to determine if your slab needs repairs is when you notice cracks on your homes exterior, windows and doors stick and if there are cracks on your interior sheet rock.

Our Foundation Repair Solution

Our team of highly qualified and talented team of foundation repair contractors has what it takes to handle your slab repairs. The process that our contractors take to repair your concrete slabs works on all of the repairs that they make. Their process levels the foundation and helps to prevent any additional damages or disturbances. When helical piles are installed, they can often solve the problem that you are experiencing. The results are not realized for up to 48 hours after they have been installed. The piles are installed inside the home instead of outside so that our customer and their family can go on living in the home while repairs are being made. Our goal at Arlington Foundation Repair is to help you protect your home and property.

Hiring Arlington Foundation Repair

Our foundation experts at Arlington Foundation Repair are capable of providing you with the most efficient concrete slab repair services in the city. Let us earn your business by relying on us when you have slab repair needs in Arlington, TX. We really take our time to get to the bottom of the problem so that no further damages are incurred. When you turn to us for your concrete slab repair needs, we respond quickly. You are our priority and we make sure that you know this by getting on top of things right away. Call us right away!