Arlington Foundation Repair

We’re partnered with GL Hunt to provide you with exceptional residential and commercial foundation repair services for Arlington, TX and the surrounding areas.
At Arlington Foundation Repair in Arlington, Texas, we respond quickly to your service request. If you begin to notice a problem with the foundation of your home, give us a call immediately. With the help of our reliable and skillful contractor’s, we’re able to successfully stabilize your foundation. A foundation issue can be very expensive to resolve.
You’ll be happy to know that despite this, we offer the most reasonable foundation services in Arlington. If you do not have a properly laid foundation, you will inevitably experience problems with it. Don’t allow the problem to become any worse than it already is. Instead, contact Arlington Foundation Repair right away. We have assembled a team of the best foundation contractor’s in the city to assist with your foundation repair needs, big or small. Our contractors have the skills needed to effectively address your repair needs.

About Us
The fact that our locally owned, family-owned foundation repair business has been around for nearly three decades is proof of our being able to effectively address the needs of our customers. Our experts by close attention to the details of the job so that they are capable of continuing to offer superior craftsmanship. You are sure to get your monies worth whenever you call on turn to us for your foundation repair needs at Arlington Foundation Repair. We proudly stand by our work by offering you our service guarantee.

​We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services
  • Family owned and operated
  • On-Site Supervision
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Discounts are Available for Teachers, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Nurses, Military, and Senior Citizens
  • Free Home Inspection for Homeowners
  • Financing Available
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty on Piers
  • Free Foundation Repair Estimates​


The first thing that our contractor will attempt to do is identify the exact foundation problem that you are experiencing. They want to make sure that they use the correct service for your particular repair problem. Our contractors have years of industry know-how, which is why they are so efficient in their duties. It is because of their training coupled with the amount of experience that they have, that we are honored to work with them. Our foundation contractors are the reason we are the preferred foundation repair company.


​​Concrete Slab Repair

If you have problems with your concrete slab, make sure you rely on our experts to make the needed repairs. Don’t take the chance of the problem becoming any worse than it is already by continuing to ignore it. Call Arlington Foundation Repair today and find out just how our experts propose to address your slab repair needs. Small cracks lead to expensive repairs later. Call now!


Pier & Beam Repair

Your homes pier and beam will start to experience problems when you have a deteriorating foundation. Call on our professional contractors at Arlington Foundation Repair so that they can figure out what is causing your problem. We will make the needed repairs so that your foundation can remain strong and sturdy. You are able to maintain the condition of your home’s foundation with our help.

Root Barrier

When you see the sidewalk, concrete driveway or walkway around your home starting to lift, this is usually caused by a root issue. By having a root barrier installed, it can prevent this from happening to your homes foundation. Contact our experts at Arlington Foundation Repair so that they can provide you with the help you need right away. We’re here when you need us.


When the foundation of your home has shifted, mudjacking might be needed. When areas around your home, such as your sidewalks or stairs, will look off. If something isn’t done to address the problem then it could start to experience problems due to weather conditions, such as storms and heavy rain. This causes changes in the soil around your home. This is where our mudjacking services are sure to come in handy to help solve the issue.

​Drainage Repair

Your concrete will begin to deteriorate rapidly when you begin to experience drainage problems. If water is constantly sitting on your concrete, this happens even faster than it would if water were not on it. Our contractor can make the necessary drainage repairs to help prevent this from happening to you. Don’t ignore it because the problem isn’t going anywhere until you address it head on by contacting us at Arlington Foundation Repair. We offer fast, efficient and affordable drainage repair services at prices you can afford.


Structural Repairs

When you need structural repairs due to a problem with your home’s foundation, don’t wait; give us a call at Arlington Foundation Repair Right away. Our contractors have received the necessary training needed to effectively handle any structural repairs that you might need. We wouldn’t want the problem to become worse than it already is and that is why we don’t waste time handling your structural repairs. You can always count on us when you need us!

“Not only were the stairs in the front of our house coming away from our house but we started having problems with the walkway leading to our home. We hired Arlington Foundation Repair and they had the problem fixed in not time. We highly recommend their services.” – Bernie M.

“While we were having our concrete repaired by Arlington Foundation Repair, they also noticed a problem that involved our drainage system. We thought we’d now have to contact a plumber but much to our surprise, they were able to take care of our drainage repairs too. We’ll definitely use this service again if we need foundation repair services again. – George L.

"We put off getting the help that we need for so long that we needed a lot of structural repairs around our home. Arlington Foundation Repair happened to offer us the best rates for the job. We highly recommend their services because they definitely offer you your monies worth.” – Sandy L.

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When you need foundation repairs made, you’ll find the most affordable foundation repair services offered in Arlington, TX at Arlington Foundation Repair. We prove how much we want to provide you with the services that you need by offering you fast and affordable services. Let us work with you to get you the help that you need.